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We live in an ever faster changing world, where anyone can access any kind of information immediately, screens have replaced human interaction and AI acts as our well of knowledge. As many advantages as come with these developments, there is also a growing yearning for a human interaction and heartfelt connection. People want to see themselves reflected and heard in the products they buy, the politicians they vote for and the causes they rooted for. This requires leaders and organisations of all types to anchor themselves in universal values like environmental protection, equality throughout different sections of society or sustainability transparently.

As consumers and the public in general more informed, they ready to call out wrongdoings and transgressions, demanding accountability. Therefore being able to convey a clear vision authentically, to navigate disruptions and be consistent in one’s ethical behaviour is becoming increasingly important for sustained success and relevance.

Setting up and maintaining the image of a value based organisation starts with a clear definition of these values and how they are represented throughout the organisation. Blind spots, implicit biases and toxic behaviours need to be uncovered and addressed to foster an atmosphere of trust and openness conducive to a healthy, supportive work place. When an organisation has a healthy core, the corresponding image is easy to maintain. Diving into philosophical inquiry, looking into each step of The GRID – Growth, Responsibility, Integrity and Diversity – with everyone involved facilitates a co-creative environment to shape the moral standards and their implementation from the inside out. 

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