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“Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself. It is precisely that simple and it is also that difficult.” —Warren G. Bennis

Authenticity means being coherent in one’s thoughts, belief, systems, values, and actions. This coherence breeds trust, reliability, a sense of responsibility and accountability in the people around us. It invites us as leaders to show up and be seen as our true self, whilst at the same time experiencing the relief of dropping false personas. Authenticity is the natural antidote to imposter syndrome and toxic leadership. Instead we develop unshakeable self confidence and can utilise empathy, compassion, discernment and presence as effective leadership tools. We can serve the way we intend to and build with integrity the legacy that we aspire to. 

Utilising a philosophical insight into leadership, into our inherent, internal strengths helps us to access the tools and the power we already naturally posses, and actualise them through insight, contemplation and awareness.  

One of the main problems leaders face in exploring their inner landscape is the absence of someone who mirrors them and walks alongside them. By creating a safe space I take my clients at their own pace through the components of The GRID – Growth, Responsibility, Integrity and Diversity – to find their true north and access their inner guidance system to be themselves. What if the road to success is not to transform into somebody new, but to unearth who we are at our core and use this knowledge as our launching pad?

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