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Signature Program

Discover your heart centred power

This program is a chance to dive deep into your power source – your genuine self. You will discover how to lead a life deeply rooted in your values within a fast-changing, diverse world.

Uncovering your heart-centred power is a journey through your recipe of growth, taking responsibility for your mind and actions based on self-appreciation, exploring your values and embodying them with integrity in a diverse world. Utilising deep reflection and practical tools as every moment turns into an opportunity to be genuinely yourself, your haven.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who wishes to expand their inner landscape and strengthen their heart-centred power to genuinely connect with the world around them. In these fast-changing times, knowing who we are, what we represent and how to take charge of our life journey, is dependent on becoming our own best ally. Only when we are deeply rooted in ourselves we can build meaningful, nurturing relationships and networks, anchoring us into the life we desire and deserve.

Do you feel lost at times to articulate your point of view, your wishes and needs, because you actually cannot pinpoint them?

Are you stumbling over the inner blocks again and again, even though you are doing your best to avoid them?

Do you miss genuine, heart-centred interactions in your workplace and your private life?

The GRID program supports you on the most exciting destination you will ever reach – yourself. Combining golden nuggets from ancient Buddhist philosophy with contemporary methods of insight into oneself within a complex outer setting, Daniela Hartmann offers a fresh perspective of anchoring your world in yourself whilst navigating your life in inner harmony.

So, if you want to:

  • Discover you and grow your present inner landscape

  • Evaluate your belief system, what is working for you and what is not

  • Find ways to adjust your outlook and behaviours to assemble the ingredients for your desired life

  • Know your values and embody them with integrity

  • Create a life brimming with heart-centred relationships

  • Tap into the power of authenticity

  • Enjoy this diverse world whilst being rooted in your truth, then read on……

Program Outline

Session 1 | Welcome

This session will set the scene to welcome you and introduce you to the GRID: A network of conductors for the distribution of heart-centred power. We look at what this means for our personal and professional lives, and how we can set out to achieve it. Together we outline our lives and the most important junctures for our life stories to emerge.

Session 2 | What are the components of GRID

We look at the components of the GRID (Growth, Responsibility, Integrity and Diversity) separately and how they are connected as a foundational framework for our life path and as a system to navigate everyday interactions.

Session 3 | G – Growth

Change is the only thing, that is certain in our life. How can we harness perpetual change for self-determined growth at the centre of this session? We dive into how we developed our qualities, and what wisdom we can extract from our mistakes as templates to design our future.

Session 4 | R – Responsibility

Taking responsibility for our internal landscape and the actions arising from it is our key to personal freedom. In this session we discover the difference between ego and a healthy self; and how self-awareness shapes self-appreciation, which is the main ingredient to take self-responsibility sustainably.

Session 5 | I – Integrity

This session is anchored around our values and beliefs, which we have anchored as our true north. We look at the challenges and the opportunities to connect to them as well as what we can do to live by them. As life is unpredictable, we also dive into the moments when we are forced to compromise our values and how we can deal with the aftermath in a healthy, self-compassionate manner.

Session 6 | D – Diversity

Building on knowing how we grow, and how to take responsibility for ourselves rooted in our value system, we now look at how to embody our most authentic self in this fast-paced, ever-changing world. To accomplish this, we examine our complex personalities as well as the complexity of our environment. Through finding commonalities and overarching structures born out of diversity, we discover how to navigate every moment to the best of our abilities.

Session 7 | Wrap Up

After having discovered our formula of the GRID, we explore how we can participate in a network of conductors for the distribution of heart-centred power in our lives. What is our way to be heart-centred leaders, who are deeply aligned to our inner truth?

Session 8 | Closing

In this final session, we design the next steps for regaining and maintaining our internal heart-centred power, so that we can be self-empowered and self-resourced in the GRID of life.

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